School Safety Patrol Parade Set For Saturday In Capital

May 19, 1960

Some 3,000 boys and girls from the Maryland area will participate in the 24th Annual School Safety Patrol Parade, May 14, in Washington, D. C., according to Fred R. Ullrich, president, Automobile Club of Maryland.

The local contingent will spend the better part of a day in the nation’s capital devoting part of their time to visiting the city’s many historic sites, the AAA club official said. The trip is intended as a reward to the local Patrols for their efforts in protecting their schoolmates in traffic.

Leading the Maryland delegation in Washington will be T. T. Pantaleo, Jr., Club safety director. Included in the delegation will be approximately thirteen bands, nine slogans and seven floats.

The five hour parade honoring the nation’s 770,000 School Safety Patrol members, the longest of its kind in Washington, is held on historic Constitution Avenue, with the Capitol, the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial as a backdrop.

As part of the ceremonies, May 14 will be designated “School Safety Patrol Day,” by AAA, President Frederick T. McGuire, Jr.

Mr. Ullrich said the effectiveness of the Patrols can be measured by the startling drop in traffic deaths involving school – age youngsters.

“Since the Safety Patrol Program was launched in 1922, the traffic death rate of children between 5 and 14 years of age has been cut in half, while the death rate of other age groups has nearly doubled,” he said.  “The diligent efforts of the Safety Patrols undoubtedly have played a role in this reduction”. The AAA club official said some 30,000 boys and girls from 25 states and the District of Columbia will march in the event.

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