Sees Young Narcotics Users Victims Of Communist Plan

January 23, 1969

Sykesville Herald,

Dear Editor:

The Herald recently carried heartbreaking news of narcotics involvement of some of the young people in this area. Buried inside the paper was a report of the communist rules for revolution. Had these two items been side by side in print there may have been an awakening of sorts…at least to insidious control of our young.

We are forcing our police to deal with it from the top when we should be aware, individually, of the danger of unseen control…or force (sensational entertainment) son blatant that it dulls our sensitivities and we permit it to hold sway, blindly shrugging it off as “the times”. WE are the “times”. We lower our guard in phony so-called brotherhood…like abolishing capital punishment.

The dope peddlers who involved those young people should be terminated legally for they have already eliminated themselves from a society that seeks the pursuit of happiness. They have invested in lasciviousness by communism to the internal takeover of this America. Why? Because it cannot be taken over from outside.

We permit defenders of marijuana to exalt it publicly… when 95 percent of hard dope users started out on marijuana. Narcotics, in illegal traffic, is not imported by people who want to save this country for the honest, hard working, tax-paying, community-conscious, brotherhood-promoting American.

If the Americans want to save the country for themselves they had better come to grips with what is being done deliberately to lower our morals. So-called freedom of expression is being used as an avenue for our own destruction. Unhealthy practices are being touted as exiting, desirous, and trapping the natural inquisitiveness of the young. This has been going on since WW1 and is now publicly obvious.

I am not excusing the fact the young people made their own choice…. but IS it one’s own choice when advertising and permissive society bombard one with delights of bad taste and seek to silence any effort to preserve good taste, which equates with healthful pursuits of Life, Liberty and Happiness?

While we have to see both sides of the coin in order to differentiate, any of us who remain passive against an encouraging onslaught of premeditated bad taste, stand condemned, by default. Sound 0ff!

Margaret Wilson Magee

Rt. 4, Box 334,

Sykesville, Md.

(Mrs. Magee is the daughter of Lt. Comdr. E. F. Wilson, USN, retired, Liberty Road, Sykesville. Her husband, Lt. Comdr. John W. Magee, a Navy pilot, was killed in a plane crash in World War 2.)

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