Slaying Of President John F. Kennedy Adds Tragic Chapter To U.S. History

November 28, 1963

A tragic chapter in the history of the United States was witnessed by a stunned and grief-strickened people last weekend in the sudden and violent death of President John F. Kennedy at the hands of an assassin.

Residents of this community, in common with countless persons throughout the nation and much of the world, were shocked by news reports that President Kennedy had been shot early Friday afternoon while riding in a parade in Dallas, Texas.

The young and vigorous chief executive, he was 46, died within half an hour from head wounds said to have been inflicted by a sniper who fired a high-powered rifle from an upper window of a six-story building along the parade route.

Two of the bullets struck the President and he never regained consciousness. A third seriously wounded Texas Governor John Connally, who was riding in the open car with President Kennedy. The Governor is expected to recover from a chest wound.

Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Conally, who were riding with their husbands, escaped injury.

The sudden burst of gunfire abruptly changed a happy and triumphant Presidential visit to the Texas city into a stark tragedy.

Johnson Sworn In

In the same parade, two cars behind the President’s machine, rode Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, a native of Texas.

Shortly after President Kennedy’s death, Mr. Johnson, 55, was administered the oath of office and became the 36th President of the U. S.

John F. Kennedy was the fourth U. S. President to be murdered in office. The other three were Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield and William McKinley. President Kennedy had served slightly less than three years of his first term.

Suspect Slain

Police soon arrested a 24-year old man, allegedly a communist associated with a “Fair Play For Cuba” organization, and charged him with the President’s assassination and also with the killing of a Dallas policeman. He was identified as Lee Harvey Oswald. Authorities stated that an array of evidence pointed to Oswald as the President’s slayer.

On Sunday, Nov. 24, at about noon, while he was being transferred from the Dallas City Jail, Oswald himself was shot and fatally wounded. Held in Oswald’s slaying is a Dallas night club owner, Jack Ruby.

President Johnson has called for a full investigation of the various aspects of the bizarre case.

Funeral Monday

Probably the greatest assembly of national and world leaders in modern times attended funeral services in Washington on Monday for the fallen President, who was given a hero’s burial in Arlington National Cemetery.

Thousands lined the streets to see the funeral procession and millions more watched through the medium of television.

Throughout Sunday afternoon and night an endless stream of persons filed past the flag-draped casket in the capitol rotunda.

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