Spencer Blasts Wolf Attack On McKinney

August 10, 1967

The following statement emanated from the Carroll County Republican Headquarters through the party’s county chairman, Alvie Spencer, Jr.

“We wish to make certain that the citizens of our county are aware that the vindictive allegations brought against Commissioner Robert McKinney by a defeated candidate for County Commissioner are not shared by the Republican organization of Carroll County.”

“We challenge this self appointed potentate of righteousness to present specific charges of misfeasance or malfeasance in office against Commissioner McKinney. Upon receipt of such evidence, he can be assured that the law-enforcing agencies of our county will assume their legal function. Mr. McKinney has publicly voiced his approval of a Grand Jury inquiry into the activities of all three County Commissioners. Toward this conclusion we concur wholeheartedly.”

“Mr. Wolf’s thirst for public recognition is well known and his self-acclaimed omniscience in county government is equally evident. Will our citizenry yet become the beneficiary of this wisdom? Is Mr. Wolf’s objective to attempt the ouster of Commissioner McKinney through his poison pen and clever innuendo? Can it be that Mr. Wolf aspires to create a vacancy on the Board and thus make himself available in the appointive process? Could our County exist under such distress?”

“The battered brow of a defeated candidate becomes lucidly evident as the mysterious charade of “Wolfness” is uncloaked.”

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