Store Building Is Nearing Completion

October 18, 1928

Work On The Harry R. DeVries Structure Progressing Rapidly — Will Be Up-to-Date

The work on the warehouse and store building of Harry R. DeVries is progressing rapidly and is expected to be completed in the near future. As we go to press workmen are installing the large plate glass front windows, which will be seventy-seven feet long and will be entirely of the finest plate glass obtainable, with a show window space of sixty feet long and eight feet deep, which makes this the largest and one of the best show windows in this section of the State.

Other improvements being made by Mr. DeVries are the building of a large warehouse, which is completed, the rebuilding of a wareroom, a new metal roof covering the whole building, and installing a new hot air heating plant.

Work is now being started on the main store room, where three rooms will be thrown into one. This large room will be equipped with all new and modern hardware fixtures of the very latest type, and will include new display tables that are being used in all up-to-date hardware stores of today.

When finished, this building will be the most handsome in Sykesville, and reflects great credit upon Mr. DeVries, who is always looking to the best interests of his home town and its people. Selby Brothers, the contractors, are to be congratulated upon this fine showing, and their workmen have been faithfully putting their best efforts here.

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