Sykesville Bank Elects For 1967

January 19, 1967

Election of directors and officers for the ensuring year featured the annual meeting of the Sykesville State Bank, held January 11 at the local banking house.

The Sykesville bank completed the year 1966 with assets totaling $5,739,581.96.

Directors elected for 1967 include: Edward H. Arrington, R. Kenneth Barnes, Jr., Celius L. Brown, C. Todd Brown, Henry W. Clarke, Wm. Leon Etzler, Dr. Howard E. Hall, J. Marion Harris, Sydney Renehan, William Selby and Allen VanSant.

All officers were reelected. They are: Celius L. Brown, president; J. Marion Harris, vice president; R. Kenneth Barnes, Jr., vice president; C. Todd Brown, assistant vice president; John T. Magee, cashier, and Dale Keefer, assistant cashier.

The bank staff at Sykesville includes John T. Magee, Mrs. Elizabeth Arnold, Mrs. Virginia Smith, Mrs. Thea Fisher, Miss Lennette Moeks, Mrs. Margaret Baker, Mrs. Darlene Unger, and Mrs. Dorothy Poole.

The banks Eldersburg branch is staffed by C. Todd Brown, C. Dale Koefer, Mrs. Lillian Yohn, Mrs. Helen Edgar, Mrs. Kathryn Allsop and Mrs. Dorothy D. Blubaugh.

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