Sykesville CAN Do It!

November 22, 1945

An Editorial of interest particularly to Sykesville business people on the subject of Recreational Facilities.

Back in 1933, had anyone declared that Sykesville could afford two modern fire trucks and a building and be out of debt within a dozen years, he would have been looked upon as a visionary, with views more optimistic than practicable. But a small group of our citizens, headed by Marion Harris and Henry Forsyth, did have the foresight, the faith in their town, the courage to act and go ahead; and as a result, Sykesville today has a well-equipped volunteer fire company that will hold its own with any in the county.

Today the people of Sykesville and notably those in business here, are faced with another challenge that requires the same sort of foresight, of courage, of faith in their town that a handful of fire company enthusiasts demonstrated back in 1933.


That challenge is the one which presents itself when any thinking person considers the lack of recreational facilities in y. There are those in the community who recognize the seriousness of this lack; who feel that Sykesville, long an active business center, can afford something much better, a modern motion picture house and bowling alleys, perhaps; and who feel that this community must look to its recreational needs and do something new if the town is to go forward and not backward, if people are to be encouraged to come to Sykesville and spend their money and not be obliged to go elsewhere for an evening’s diversion and entertainment.

This, briefly, is the challenge which Sykesville must now face up to squarely and courageously. We must recognize it not only as good business but as a very real civic responsibility’. And with the whole town back of the proposition, with everyone serving as a missionary of good will, how could such a venture fail? Think it over, business people, and in a very short time–within a matter of days, in fact–you will have an opportunity to meet together and talk the matter over, with a view to mapping a definite course of action and getting something started.

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