Sykesville gets on track for railroad depot

April 6, 1988 – Carroll County Times

Excerpt from Carroll County Times –

Staff Writer

The revitalization of Sykesville’s 1884 B&O depot got its green light, officials said Tuesday, as a local business has agreed to donate the station to the town.

The town’s been trying for 14 years to secure the station,” said Mayor Lloyd R. Helt Jr. “Today, we have it”

Actually, the town had it Thursday. Farm and Home Services Inc. agreed then to donate the station and restore the mill near the property. Details of the agreement with Farm and Home, a town farm, hardware and home products business, were not revealed until Tuesday’s press conference.

End of Excerpt –

Go here for the full story.

People mentioned in the story include Lloyd Helt, Thelma Wimmer, and Douglas Crist.

Synopsis: Sykesville finally buys the old B & O train station. They have high hopes for it.

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