Sykesville Herald And Its Policies

September 18, 1913

Today The Sykesville Herald takes its place among the legitimate enterprises of Sykesville and Carroll county. Here it will seek to establish a permanent home for itself and become an important factor in this community. To this end it will endeavor to win its way into the hearts and the homes of the people in this most delightful section of all Maryland.

In offering The Herald as a candidate for public favor to the people of Sykesville and the communities immediately adjacent thereto, the publishers are not unmindful of the many responsibilities to be met nor the many difficulties to be overcome. They realize that The Herald will serve a constituency that in intelligence and real progressiveness takes high rank with any community in Maryland, and, for that matter, with any community in the United States.

propose to make The Herald a paper that will appeal to this intelligence and this progressive spirit, a paper that will meet the best expectations of the most what?. They desire to have the paper go into as many homes as possible where it will be welcomed every week, by every member of the family. In short, they hope to make it so attractive from week to week that no one in this section of Maryland can afford not to take it.

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