Sykesville High School Wins State Cross Country Meet

November 28, 1963

The Sykesville High School Cross Country Team, on Saturday, November 16, at Hareford High School, won the State Championship in Cross Country. Sykesville won in Class B category, which is based on size of school population.

This victory is the culmination of four years hard work, which has seen the team come from tenth in 1961, to second place in 1962, and finally, to 1st in 1963. It marks the first time that the school has won a state championship in any sport.

The score alone is indicative of the power of this team.

Sykesville took first, second, third, fifth and nineteenth places in the meet, for one of the lowest scores in Class B history of 30.

Headlining Coach Randy Richardson’s team was junior Leland Gardner, who, having won the county meet just a week previous, in record time, romped in to an easy win in the State. As the fastest runner, both for the team and meet, Leland received a gold medal. Picking up the silver medal for second place was Garry Leep, and the bronze medal, for third place, was taken by Wayne Hadel. Bill Linger was fifth, and Eddy Campbell placed nineteenth, to complete the five scores.

Running as setbacks were sixth and seventh men, Martin McElroy and Robert Matthews, respectively.

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