Sykesville History – Community Mourns Passing Of Dr. John B. Koerner

June 16, 1960

The Sykesville community this week mourned the passing of one of its foremost citizens, Dr. John B. Koerner.

Dr. Koerner, who had practiced veterinary medicine here for more than 40 years, died suddenly last Friday evening at his home on Second Avenue and Spout Hill Road. He was a former Mayor of Skyesville and had long been active in the affairs of his church and community.

The 71-year-old retired veterinarian suffered a coronary thrombosis at about 5:30 P.M. and expired within a few minutes. Dr. Howard Hall and the local firemen’s ambulance with oxygen equipment quickly answered emergency calls to the home but were unable to revive him.

Dr. Koerner’s death came one week after he had returned home from a Baltimore hospital. He entered the hospital May 26 for treatment for a heart condition and was discharged June 3 apparently much improved. He was quite active during the final week of his life.

Came To Sykesville in 1910

A native of Jacksonville, Md., in upper Baltimore county, he was born April 7, 1889, the son of John B. and Augusta Koerner. He first came to Sykesville in the summer of 1910. He returned a year later following his graduation by the Grand Rapids (Michigan) Veterinary College. He continued to serve the veterinary needs of his community until 1957 when he retired and turned his practice over to Dr. Kenneth Loper.

At a farmers’ night program, which he arranged for the Sykesville Rotary Club on February 11 of this year, Dr. Koerner recalled some of his experience and told the assembled farmers that he had thoroughly enjoyed working with them over the years.

Dr. Koerner was a trustee of St. Paul’s Methodist Church and had served his church as a member of the Official Board and Finance Committee.

Elected Mayor In 1935

He was elected Mayor of Sykesville in 1935 and served for three terms. Prior to his election as Mayor he served as a member of the Sykesville Rotary Club and was vice president of the Sykesville Building Association. For two years, 1958 and 1959, he was president of Sykesville Little League Baseball. As a mark of respect, the local Little League of which he was vice president this year, cancelled its games scheduled for last Saturday.

Many Attend Funeral

The spacious Weer & Haight funeral home, Rt. 32, Sykesville, was filled to overflowing for services held at 11 o’clock Monday morning. Rev. Paul R. Diehl, pastor of St. Paul’s Methodist Church, conducted the final rites and burial was in Springfield cemetery.

Fellow directors of the Sykesville Building Association served as honorary pallbearers. They were: C. Harry Weer, Irvin E. Buckingham, Arthur C. Brown, DeVries R. Hering, Clarence R. Clarke, Frank A. Dorsey, Robert M. Allport and R. Kenneth Barnes Jr. Active pallbearers were Dr. Kenneth C. Loper, George Leakins and four nephews of the deceased — Kenneth and Clifford Smith and William and Wilbur Koerner.

Dr. Koerner is survived by his wife, Mrs. Marie (Schwanebeck) Koerner; a daughter, Miss Ruth Koerner, at home; a son, John Frederick Koerner, and two grandchildren, Elaine and Susan, of Westminster. He also leaves two sisters, Mrs. Ross Smith and Mrs. Charles Briedenhaugh, both of Jarrettsville, Md., and three brothers — Carl and Henry Koerner, of Jacksonville, Md., and Valentine Koerner, of Baltimore.

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