Sykesville History – Planning Group Sees Broader Zoning Needed

June 16, 1960

The Carroll County Planning Commission met on Friday, June 10, for purposes of fully discussing an interim zoning ordinance for the county. While the draft being discussed limited some zoning control to set-back lines for all buildings, Board of Appeals approval for junk yards, airports, race tracks, rifle ranges, and trailer camps, members of the Planner camps, members of the Planning Commission felt that additional uses should be considered as objectionable in type.

Accordingly, Commission members Miller Richardson, Russell Royer, Clarence H. Shaw, J. Randolph Shilling, and Charles W. Saylor agreed to review prior to the July meeting a detailed list of possible uses which may be injurious to the County without some control as to location. From such list additional uses to those considered above might be included in a final review.

While the matter of temporary zoning protection has been determined advisable by the Commission, any proposals will be presented to the many county organizations and the general public before the Board of County Commissioners receive and recommendations from the planning Commission.

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