Sykesville Is a City

The Democratic Advocate of Westminster, MD

May 14, 1904

Sykesville is now a city. It has its City Fathers and is prepared to join the great procession — New York, Chicago and all the rest. Because it is as yet, rather small, there is no reason why it should not become a bright and shining light amid the city galaxy.

A few of the little things needing first attention are these: the suppression of pistol carrying; the suppression of negro loafing; the suppression of garbage and rubbish throwing in the streets; the suppression of dogs; the suppression of gunning; the suppression of indiscriminate target practice; the suppression of obnoxious hog pens, and the regulation of the streams that are the city’s sewers.

Water works, electric light, fine pavements, fine new stores and dwellings and other attractions can follow, but the little things, with the proper officers, should be the first concern of the City Fathers.

Sykesville is by nature a place of rare beauty. Hardly an acre is not a fine building site. Ex-Gov. Frank Brown has been the first and only man to make an advance in the house building line. This he did many years ago, the many houses he then built have served their turn and the demand now is for something larger and better.

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