Sykesville Items

January 13 1877

Democratic Advoate

The delightful sleighing which our citizens hare been enjoying with considerable zest for some days is rapidly passing away. Judging from the merry jingling of the bells to night some are still clinging to the remnant of ice and slush that still remains, although I think the condition of the track and the blasts of old Boreas, would make it anything else but enjoyable without a great stretch of the imagination.

The Christmas holidays passed very pleasantly in our village. The Sabbath School of the Methodist Church had a Christmas tree, also a very creditable performance prior to the distribution of the presents. Mrs. Louis Shultz and Mrs. William Miller presided at the organ. A Christmas Carol was sung by the School; Song, “The Trundle Bed,” by Miss Rosa Kidwell; Carol, Night, by the female Bible Class; Comic Song, Granny McGuigan, by Miss Clara Duvall: Comic Duett, Quaker Courtship, by Master Louis Shultz and Miss Alice Barnes, dressed in full Quaker costume. It was most admirably rendered, and elicited unbounded applause. The entire affair was greatly enjoyed and reflects much credit upon Mrs. Miller, under whose supervision
it was arranged and executed.

An oyster supper, continuing for two nights, under the superintendence of Mrs. Grace Ward, was well attended. The proceeds are to be added to a fund already on hand to be devoted to the erection of an Academy on the Rectory lot of the Episcopal Church, in this place. This is a “consummation devoutly to be wished,” and we hope the friends of the enterprise may be eminently successful in their efforts to accomplish it.

The Public School of this place is in successful operation, and I learn the number of pupils is larger than it has been during any
previous year. It is in charge of Miss Belle Hale, a thoroughly competent teacher, who seems to be giving universal satisfaction.

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