Sykesville Items – Democratic Advocate – August 6, 1887

Democratic Advocate, August 6, 1887
(From our regular Correspondent.)

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Democratic Advocate, August 6, 1887Mr. Edwin M. Mellor has completed and occupied his new residence. It is beautifully on one of the many hills that comprise the village. The style is peculiarly Merchant Mellor’s own, with a little Gothic thrown in.

The house fronts Northwest with gables front and side and is three stories high. The main portion is 39 x 38 feet, the side building is 22 feet with a broad portico extending around the entire front. The 1st floor has a spacious parlor, a neatly arranged library, a long dining room, and a fine kitchen with a pantry adjoining. Water is supplied by a pump in the kitchen and an attached dry dairy in the cellar beneath. There are eight rooms on the upper two floors with easy access by a broad winding stairway from the hall below.

The structure is frame with part ornamental shingle work in the gable front. It is painted steel gray with brown and red trimmings. The interior is in oak, cherry and walnut. The carpenter work was done by the Selby Brothers of Eldersburg. Plastering was done by Phebus and the painting by Powell.

The grounds and surroundings, when properly ornamented, which Mr. Mellor expects to do at once, will make it one of the most desirable residences in Sykesville.

Mr. Jas. S. Hyatt, who was recently appointed magistrate, has qualified, and now commands the peace and respect of the citizens of Sykesville. The appointment is a good one, and what we long needed. Squire Hyatt will still continue his trade as carpenter and builder, and proudly points to his work
in the village as a guarantee that he can do a good job. We saw him the other day with saw, square, Democratic Advocate, August 6, 1887pencil and paper. We suppose he was getting ready to saw out his first summons. What we want now is a good constable, but it is hard to find a man with sand enough in his craw to take the position.

Politics are plentiful, but in more soothing strains. The action of the Carroll delegates in the state convention (though a little late) has tilled in what promised to be some bad washouts in the party. Mr. Frank Brown is satisfied with the result, and will giye the ticket a hearty support. He is not a man to
kick or squeal when setback, but is a firm believer in the motto “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again,” and stand firm to his party and its principles, and work with out being appealed to for the success of the Democratic party in the county and state.

Mr. Win. P. Gorsuch, Jr., has purchased from Mrs. M. A. Voorhees her farm of 130 acres, near Sykesville, for $7,800, or $60 per acre. This was part of “Springfield,” and is a very rich and productive little farm. Mr. Gorsuch will occupy it at once, and will build a handsome residence in the early spring.
Mr. Gorsuch is prominently mentioned for the next House of Delegates, with Mr. J. M. Dorsey for sheriff. Both gentlemen have a good following, and will probably shake hands as to the result, as it generally desired to see no more contests in the district.

The new rectory of Holy Trinity parish, at “Groveland,” near Sykesville, is about completed, and will shortly be occupied by the rector, Rev. S. D. Hall.

On Wednesday, August 10th, there will be held in the beautiful grounds of the new rectory of Holy Trinity Parish, of Sykesville, a church reunion and lawn party, beginning at 4 o’clock in the evening. A band of music will be in attendance. Ice Cream and cake will be sold for the benefit of the organ of the church.

The Baltimore Convocation will hold sessions at Sykesville and Eldersburg from the 23rd to the 26th of August. Interesting sermons will be preached.


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