Sykesville PTA Hears Dr. Isaac; Installs Officers

May 5, 1960

The season’s final meeting of the Sykesville PTA was held on Monday evening, May 2, at Sykesville High School. The meeting opened with the invocation by Rev. Walter J. Zabel.

Dr. F. Reid Isaac Executive Director of the Methodist Board of Child Care, reported on the recent Golden Anniversary White House Conference on Children and Youth held in Washington, D. C.

Dr. Isaac stressed the need for strengthening of family ties and family life. He reported a concern of “the conference that too much pressure is being put on youngsters to mature too early today, and of the need “to focus on what the school and church can do for the family”.

A report was made that the Spring Fair and Smorgasbord has cleared between $350 and $400. The following new slate of officers was installed by Mr. C. J. Meade, Jr., outgoing president of the Sykesville PTA: Mr. J. Ruthwin Evans, president; Mr. David J. Daley, vice president; Mrs. Dorothy Vernay, secretary; Mrs. Doris Adams treasurer.

Dr. Isaac expressed his personal appreciation and the sincere thanks of the Board of Child Care to the school and community for the services and many thoughtful considerations rendered in behalf of the youngsters of Strawbridge Home for Boys. The home will relocate this summer, becoming a part of the new Methodist child care center which is being built in the Rockdale community of Baltimore county.

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