Sykesville School Makes Most Promising Opening

September 11, 1922

The New Principal Has Made A Splendid Impression, and Both Teachers and Pupils Start Year With High Expectations For Session

Opening week at the school here has been most encouraging to all who have taken the pains to ascertain just how the term is beginning. The enrollment was large, and there was a spirit of hopefulness that has not always been apparent at the start. All the different grades are located together, and this enables the principal to give more constant supervision. He is now within easy reach of all the departments, and whenever he is needed, a moment’s notice enables him to meet any emergency. Among the teachers there is a feeling that each will have all the support required, and all have entered into the year’s work with an enthusiasm which speaks much for the new principal. Prof. Hyson’s reputation as a successful administrator had preceded him, and he starts with the advantage of the confidence of his staff, the regard of the pupils, and the support of the community. At the first Parent-Teachers’ meeting, he made a splendid impression by his practical presentation of his plans for the year, and on every hand can be heard expressions of confidence that Sykesville has secured the right man for this important post. Prof. Hyson is proposing only such improvements as experience has show to be required, and all that he suggests has met the test of actual trial. He appears to possess in an unusual degree the capacity to lead, and an aptitude to secure the fullest co-operation of his assistants, his pupils, and the people whom he serves. School began with but two teachers in the high school departments, but arrangements have been made for the second assistant, and in a short time the staff will equal in numbers that of last year. Prof. Hyson has already shown that he deserves the support of the entire community, and with that behind him, it is safe to predict for Sykesville the most satisfactory school session of many years.

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