Sykesville, The City in the Hills

January 22, 1914

Preset Year to Be a Notable and Prosperous One For the Town

Spring Will Bring New Homes

Proposed Water System That Will Mean Much for the Town–The Knocker Folds His Mantle Around Him and Disappears–Everybody Is Boosting Now–Prospective Water Plant

There is every indication that the present year will be a notable and prosperous one in the history of Sykesville and this immediate neighborhood.

There is a new, progressive spirit awakening here and a disposition on every side to push the town ahead.

Even the town knockers–and every town has this undesirable element–have put away their hammers.

And this is the right thing to do. No town ever amounts to much until the knocker crowd joins the Boosters Brigade.

Many a good town, with abundant resources and natural advantages that could have been developed and utilized, has been held back and stunted in its growth, by the knocker.

This is the fellow who stands on the walk and tells how to put a fallen horse on its feet, without offering to help a little–the fellow who wants all the other dogs muzzled or shot because his own cur was licked–the fellow who earns his money in town and spends it elsewhere–the fellow who says the town is no good and never will be–the fellow who was never known to have a good word for his neighbor–the fellow who frightens a promoter or a prospective resident out of town by the next train if he sees him first–the fellow who is a perpetual grouch and a natural-born kicker–the fellow who is the real undesirable citizen.

As we have said, every town in the country has been more or less troubled by him and his kind.

Happily he has disappeared from Sykesville–and his hammer has gone with him and it is well.

A wholesome spirit of optimism is now in possession of our people and there is going to be something doing in this fine little city in the hills.

Everybody is wearing the button with the slogan “WE MUST KEEP SYKESVILLE GOING AHEAD” and everybody means to do his part, large or small, to this end.

What is going to happen? Aplenty.

In the first place there are to be more homes here and we do not know of a town where they are more sorely needed. A few of the progressive spirits who were talking over the situation the other night, counted up six families now here, who must find new homes in which to live the coming spring.

There are others that want to come and will come as soon as accommodations are provided. Some of them have friends at Springfield and want to be near them. Others want to get away from the bustle of the big city and Sykesville is not too far away. It has the right climate, the safe drainage, the most wholesome water, and a splendid school.

Some of these new homes will be built on property recently purchased by Mr. William D. Hepner. This property is just far enough away from the center of the town and can easily be opened up.

It is also proposed to erect a water system on this property to be supplied by driven wells and pumped into a standpope on the big hill, from which it can be supplied in abundant quantity to any home in Sykesville at a very moderate cost.

It is also proposed to give the town ample fire protection from this same source by means of a pipe through Main street, connecting with the necessary number of fire plugs.

This, with the excellent fire apparatus already at hand, will enable the firemen to throw a stream over any building in the town and should reduce the fire insurance rates, now so high as to be almost prohibitive, at least one-third.

Already there are several new enterprises for Main street, of with The Herald has previously spoken. During the present week a new store has been opened, another enterprise will open on February 1, and the big garage that will be second to none in this part of the State, is well under way and there are other things in sight.

It all looks good. It means business. And then building operations are to be continued at the State Hospital and the rail shipments are steadily increasing.

The formation of a Land and Development Company is one of the possibilities.

All this spells prosperity for Sykesville, more business for the merchants, more work for those who want to work, more equitable taxation, because the few will not have to stand all of the burden, it means a more desirable place in which to live, it means that Sykesville is attracting attention to her advantages and resources, as a live, progressive business center, in the richest agricultural section of Maryland.

All that is necessary now is for everyone to keep pushing and saying the good word.

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