Sykesville To Get New School!

June 19, 1930

Board of Education Says We Will Have Building Notwithstanding the Many Protests

Bus Drivers Named for the Year

The regular monthly meeting of the board of Education was called to order in the office of the board, Wednesday, June 4th at 10 A.M. All members were present.

The minutes of the preceding meeting were read and approved. The bills presented to the Board were ordered to be paid.

The staff members as nominated by the Superintendent were approved. They are as follows: Supervisor of Graded Schools, Myrtle Eckhardt; Supervisor of Rural Schools, Ruth DeVord; Supervisor of Rural Schools, Grace Alder; Supervisor of Colored Schools, Mae Prince; Director of Music, Phillip Royer; County Nurse, Jessie Chenoweth; Attendance Officer, Maye Grimes; Clerk, Charles Reed; Stenographer, Mildred Ensor; Attorney, C. O. Clemson; Service Man, Roland Haifley.

The Superintendent nominated for approval of the principals, high school assistants, elementary principals, and elementary assistants for the ensuing year, subject to such changes as are liable under the law before August 1, with the proviso that changes in the appointments were to be approved at the August meeting and the list published.

(Skipped a large section to get to the actual story about the high school.)

A delegation representing Oakland Mills, Haight, Stoney Ridge, Brandenburg, and Hoods Mills communities came before the Board with a petition containing 535 names requesting that there be provided a high school and elementary school to be located in Eldersburg, thus discontinuing the high school at Sykesville but erecting an elementary school there.

In view of the fact that a larger number of children now going to the Sykesville school are located in that community; that the high school has been established there; that the Board has gone to the expense of boring a well, securing bids, and arranging for the awarding of a contract for a new school in the Sykesville community, the Board unanimously decided to stand by its previous decisions, i.e., to build the proposed high school building at Sykesville this year.

The bids for the erection of the Sykesville building were opened and considered. The bid does not include the architect’s fee, the cost of grading the septic tank service, nor the interior equipment. The bids are as follows:

E. E. Stuller – $45,570

DeCou & Chidlaw – $48,876

Allen Feeser – $52,867

N. C. Erb – $53,620

Wm. H. Taylor – $57,873.74

P. B. Strobel Co. – $62,904

The contract will be awarded to the lowest bidder as soon as the budget is returned by the County Commissioners showing that the amount has been granted.

The situation in reference to the order to vacate the school property at the Bark Hill Colored School was considered. The Superintendent was authorized to write to the secretary of the lodge offering him a rental compensation of $25.00 per school year for the use of the building.

(There is more that we might add later, but it’s not related to Sykesville.)

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