Sykesville War Dead

This is just a list of Sykesville residents who died in war. It’s an incomplete list, but we’ll add to it as we learn more.

World War I

World War II

Benjamin Hungerford – Fort Jackson, South Carolina, August 23, 1942 – Died in a truck accident.

Thomas Fleming – Germany, February 9, 1945 – Killed in action.

Harry Pickett – Atlantic Ocean, September 13, 1944 – Lost at sea during a hurricane.

Wayne Flohr – India – Died in an air base accident during World War II.

Earl Justice – Germany, 19445/45 – Died in German prison camp during World War II.

Korean War

Leslie Fairchild – Korea, November 5, 1950 – Died while trying to move wounded soldiers.

Vietnam War

John Feezer – South Vietnam, July 14, 1968 – Died during an enemy mortar fire attack on an American outpost in South Vietnam.

Franklin Underwood – Vietnam, July 29, 1969 – Died while trying to rescue soldiers from a burning crashed helicopter.

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