Sykesville’s Fiscal Year Nearing End

April 16, 1914

Town Meeting Called For April 22 to Name Candidates for Charter Election on May 5

The Town In Good Financial Shape

Money Has Been Saved to Taxpayers Through Electric Light Control – Town Has Substantial Balance to the Good – Interesting Statement of Income and Expenditures – Matters to be Considered

Mayor Sprecher and the Common Council have designated April 22, at 8 o’clock as the time and the Lyceum as the place for the holding of the town meeting for the nomination of candidates to be voted for at the coming municipal election to be held on Tuesday, May 5.

The Council now consists of the Mayor – Daniel B. Sprecher – and six Councilmen, Wade H. D. Warfield, President, E. M. Mellor, W. H. Bennett, P. T. Bennett, Elmer E. Jenkins and A. F. Arrington. The latter is now disqualified, having removed from the corporation.

Mr. W. D. B. Hepner is the competent and obliging Clerk to the Council.

Dr. Sprecher has served five years as Mayor and has given much time and thought to the office and the affairs of the corporation. He has been ably sustained by the Councilmen, of whom Wade H. D. Warfield is the President. They have had the affairs of the town well in hand at all times and the fact that they have a substantial surplus with which to begin the new fiscal year is an evidence of the judicious manner in which they have managed the town’s business. Mayor Sprecher has furnished The Herald with the following statement of the financial affairs of the town, which speaks for itself:


Balance from last year – $167.46

Actual receipts in taxes – $913.00

Receipts from electric current – $921.20

Receipt from licenses – $15.00

Total = $2,016.66


Road and sidewalks – $325.42

Electrical current – $681.58

Electric extensions and work – $248.00

Interest on $5,000 road bonds – $250.00

Interest on loans – $209.09

Clerk salary – $60.00

Insurance – $35.00

F. R. Gatz – $40.00

Special officers and street cleaning – $28.40

Miscellaneous expenses – $51.12


Balance on hand – $88.05


Cash on hand – $88.05

Taxes due and collectible – $963.41

Due from county road fund – $232.07

Due from other sources – $25.00

Total net resources – $1,308.53


Electric current sold – $1,025.95

Amount collected for current sold – $921.20

Due for current sold – $104.75

Paid for current – $681.58

Extension and new work – $347.60

Cost of maintenance of lines – $21.35

Total – $1,050.53

Current sold as above – $1,025.95

Cost of current and repairs – $702.93

Interest on electric loan – $180.00


Net profit – $143.02

Cost of maintaining gas lamps under old method for street lighting – $480.00

Actual saving to town – $623.02

The foregoing statement shows that the income derived from the sale of electric current was not only satisfactory, but actually paid for all extensions and new work excepting the sum for street lighting for the entire year. It should also be remembered that the extension and new work, for which $347.60 was paid, now becomes an asset of the town – and the town is better off by just that amount, added to the $623.02 saved, as a result of abandoning the old system.

An ordinance, adopted by the Council, provides that 60 percent of the receipts from taxes shall be applied for the liquidation of the town’s fixed obligations. Those now due are $250 for road bonds and $250 for electrical installation. After the payment of these obligations the town will still have a comfortable balance.

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