The Christmas Gift Shop at the Lyceum

November 27, 1924

Sykesville Women and Girls Held Meeting Monday Night to Promote the Work

An interesting group of Sykesville girls and women met at Mrs. Bauver’s home on Monday night to promote the work of the Christmas Gift Shop at the Lyceum Thursday, December 11th. The social features of the evening enhanced rather than marred the quality and the quantity of the work put out by these zealous workers. They had a delightful pause in their labors when Miss Rollins and Miss Sterling of the High School faculty, each sang a solo. The music was followed by refreshments. Among the delightful workers was Mrs. Holer, whose husband is associated with Senator Warfield’s dairy farm. She made a contribution of a most handsome piece of needlework which she had made in her mother country. It is indeed encouraging to know that although outside the bounds of the town, she is sparing no efforts in making the Christmas Gift Shop a big affair in Sykesville. The committee in charge, of which Mrs. William S. Shipley is is chairman, would appreciate more public spirited offers of this kind. Many pledged their spare moments to the cause from now on till December 11th. The committee will meet next week (date to be announced later) to make final plans for this affair which the whole community should cheerfully support, since the funds will be used for community improvement.

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