The Herald and The Draft

March 25, 1943

Mr. William Frederick Church,
Sykesville Md.

Dear Sir:

The Board at its meeting on March 19th, 1943 reclassified you in Class 1-A and stayed your induction for a period of sixty (60) days.

Yours very truly,

Local Board No. 1 Carroll County,
Gladys M. Taylor, Clerk.

The above letter, received Wednesday morning after several weeks of suspense, explains itself. The local Draft Board, which was thoroughly familiar with the editor’s position in this community, has decided that his services are more important in the armed forces than in civilian life. That conclusion, we honestly believe, is debatable. But we shall not debate it.

What is of concern to this community and to us at the moment is that which many of our good friends have been asking: “What will happen to the Herald?” Frankly, we don’t know. We do know that we shall try to see to it that Sykesville will not be left without a newspaper. We shall endeavor to keep going the beloved Herald, which has been an integral part of this community for 30 years and in whose destiny we have had a hand for about ten. Just how, and by what method, this can be done, remains to be seen. It will be determined in the few weeks the Board has granted us.

It may be that in this effort we shall fail, and in that case there will be no choice for us but to walk out and lock up shop for the duration. Should this be necessary, we wish to advise the public here and now that the Herald is a solvent, going business concern, in a position to meet its obligations. We shall continue to do business until the final out. And while we may be a little the worse for shock, we are not yet ready to classify the Herald as a casualty of this war. We earnestly hope the paper may continue on, even after the present editor turns in his pen for a sword.


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