The Legislature

January 10, 1918

The Maryland Legislature is off. The committees are appointed and the two houses organized for business. Speaker Wooden’s committees were promptly announced at the Tuesday session. Carroll County people will be interested in knowing how the members from this County fared. Honors were distributed to them as follows:

Speaker Wooden — Rules
E. Frank Ely — Chairman Committee on Agriculture, member of Committee on Elections, Claims and Public Records.
Leatherwood — Chairman Committee on Library, member Committee on Ways and Means, Roads and Highways.
Kephart — Chairman Committee on Inspections, member of Committee on Judiciary and Hygiene.

In the Senate President Cambell announced his committees on Wednesday.

Senator Warfield was made Chairman of Committee on Amendments to the Constitution, Chairman of Civil Service and Election Reform, Chairman of Revaluation and Assessment and Chairman of Supervision of Employees. He is also a member of the Agriculture and Labor, Contingent Expenses of Senate, Education Finance, Library, Pensions, Printing, Railroads and Canals, and Retrenchment of Expenses of State Government.

Senator Warfield introduced the Woman Suffrage bill on Wedsnesday, also a bill xxxxxxxx the xxx xxxxx Laws.

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