Thoroughbred Stock From “Carroll Farm”

March 5, 1914

What Wade H. D. Warfield is Offering in Standard Cattle, Sheep and Swine

Wade H. D. Warfield is offering in an advertisement in The Herald today a young bull calf from his Carroll Farm Herd of Dairy Shorthorns, sired by his herd bull, “Clay Royal,” whose dam was “Lady Clara 13,” with a record of 10,811 pounds of milk in one year. The grandsire of “Clay Royal” (Bell Boy 2d) sired “Rose of Glenside,” with a record of 13,078 pounds and “Belle Clare,” 15,215 pounds. The young bull offered is out of “Fern” with a record of over 9,000 pounds as a four-year-old.

Dairy Shorthorns are rapidly coming to the front in popular favor, both in this country and in England. Their adaptability to changing conditions in all sections of the United States is now thoroughly appreciated by our most foresighted men.

No fact in history of cattle is better known than the character of these old Bates’ Shorthorns. They are large cattle, of great substance and quality, very large milkers and superior beef cattle.

So highly developed and strongly fixed in this dual character that wherever it has been maintained by good care, liberal feeding, and constant, careful milking, either in this country or England, they are still, what they were then, a farmer’s cow, large and persistent milkers, and, when not in milk, capable of feeding quickly and profitably into excellent beef.

Forty-four cows from one herd with a yearly record of over 3,000 pounds, will appear in the Milking Appendix of Volume 73 of Shorthorn Herd Book. Twelve of these cows have records of over 10,000 pounds. “Mamie Clay 2d” has a record of 13,232 pounds at 4 years.

Besides breeding Dairy Shorthorns, “Carroll Farm” also produces standard bred horses, Shropshire sheep, Berkshire swine and thoroughbred poultry. Mr. Warfield is now operating two dairy farms and will start the third on the “College Farm” on April 1st. This farm will be in charge of Mr. F. R. Weller, who will move here from Frederick county. A large sanitary dairy barn is being planned 60×90 feet.

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