Till We Meet Again, And May It Be Soon — Chaplain Justus

February 18, 1943

As you read these lines which I have left behind with Fred Church, I am pounding the rails on a train bound for the West Coast. The truth of the matter is, I’d much rather be on a train bound FROM the West Coast that would being me to dear old Sykesville and all of my friends.

Looking back over my brief leave, I find myself very grateful for the time that my family and Ihad to be with you, but it all passed so rapidly that I feel it was a dream that passed in a brief night.However, msny of the hours were very real and shall be cherished in my heart while we all are seperated. I did not get to see everyone that I wanted to see, and I did not get to see some who called and asked me to come and see them, but with a very intense schedule of things that had to be taken care of, I did the best I could. I am sure everyone will understand.

One of the things that I am going to miss will be the sending of a weekly letter to the Herald. Due to the fact that I expect to be at sea, under censorship, and with little change of dispatching mail while at sea, I’ll not get to write. I promise, however, that when ever I can write to the Herald I shall do so without fail.

The censorship and dispatch of mail will also hold true for my personal mail, and I will not be able to write to you as freely nor as frequently as I did from Norfolk, but I’ll be thinking of all of you. Your mail coming to me will not be censored, and I will welcome it more now that ever as three are many lonely and uncertain hours ahead. In The Herald NEXT WEEK you will find my mailing address, and I hope all of my good friends, both in and out of the church, will make good use of it. Watch for the address.

I’m glad to see that all of the organizations I loved and cherished are not only going well, but advancing splendidly. The way the work of the Church is continuing under Brother Paul’s ministry is also a joy to my heart. I hope that he may carry on in this troubled period and that when it is all over, Providence may see fit to guide my return here to the Church and people I love so well.

They are doing business where I am going now, and I earnestly solicit your prayers daily that God may use me among the men and officers with whom I shall be associated. The task is great, but the Christ is greater. Let us pray and work for victory and the end of the war, and at the same time, work for a just and lasting peace.

Mrs. Justus and Fritzie expect to return to Sykesville as soon as that becomes possible. In the meantime, they will be in Baltimore, Ohio. And now, may God bless you all and keep you, making His face to shine upon you. I’ll write as soon as I can. Till we meet again, and may it be soon, I say “Adios.”

Chaplain Karl B. Justus, USNR

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