To Close Springfield And Eight Other State Farms

January 11, 1968

As an economy measure, the State of Maryland is planning to discontinue operation of the farm at Springfield Hospital, Sykesville, and eight other institutional farms in various parts of Maryland.
The farms, once an important factor in supplying milk and vegetables for their institution, in recent years have proved uneconomical to operate.

Last year, according to a statement by Gov. Spiro T. Agnew, the farms showed a net operation loss of $133,230 exclusive of any funds spent for capital improvements.

“The Director of Juvenile Services and the Commissioners of Mental Hygiene and Correction have indicated that other types of treatment and training programs would be more desirable than farmer,” Governor Agnew said.

The move was recommended by the Governor’s Task Force on Modern Management which is conducting a department-by-department survey for economics and improved efficiency of operation by State agencies.

The farms operated by the Department of Juvenile Services and the Department of Mental Hygiene will be eliminated at the end of the current fiscal year, June 30. Those operated by the Department of Correction will be discontinued as of December 31, 1968.

The Governor said an effort will be made to place supervisory and management personnel from the farm systems into other State agencies.

“The State Planning Department is currently evaluating the best method of utilization of the farm land and will report as soon as its studies are complete,” he said.

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