Town And Farm In War-Time

February 1, 1945

165th Week of the War

–Civilian Supplies Low–

Shoes and Autos

A Weekly News Digest prepared by Office of War information News Bereau

Call To Arms

Your Government needs and asks its citizens in this 195th week of the war to:

**1. Answer the emergency call for 8,000 Medical WACS. Women from 20 to 50 are needed immediately for non-proffesional medical work in U. S. army hospitals.

2. Help to relieve the doctor and nurse shortage by taking a Red Cross Nursing course to learn how to care for your own family.

3. Remember–1944 income tax return forms do not provide for payment of the unforgiven portion of your 1942 tax due March 15. Separate statements are being mailed.

4. Write your serviceman cheerful, re-assuring and frequent letters. Use V-mail when you write overseas.

5. Beware of complacency. When the war news is good, redouble your efforts on the home front. Set an example your boy can  be proud of.

Civilian Supplies Will Be Low

Supplies of meat, butter, sugar, canned and packaged foods, clothing, and many durable goods will be smaller in 1945, OPA advises. Record buying and increased military demands in 1944 greatly reduced reserves, which have so far helped meet demands. The present scarcity of metal household equipment and appliances will remain acute until peacetime production can be resumed. At the same time more people will be eager to replace equipment and household furnishings that are now more nearly worn out. Shortages always generate an urge to pay higher prices and get more. This increases the dangers of inflation. In 1945, OPA states, supplies will be large enough to meet essential civilian needs but much smaller than the amount people could buy with the money they will have to spend. The OPA programs to meet this situation asks rigid compliance with rationing regulations and price ceilings, plus restraint in buying and a high level of savings, including war bond purchases.

Ration Free Shoe Sale Coming Up

Limited quantities of men’s and women’s shoes may be sold to consumers ration-free at specified price reductions during the two weeks’ period of February 19 through March 3, OPA announces. Two-fold purpose of the temporary ration holiday, OPA states, is to give consumers the benefit of extra shoe mileage that otherwise might remain unused on dealers’ shelves, and to help dealers clear their stocks of the normal accumulation of odds and ends and broken sizes. Before rationing, such shoes were customarily disposed of in seasonal clearance sales. OPA estimates that about 4,5000,000 pairs of shoes will be sold in this special ration-free “sale.”

Cut Automobile Ration

A cut of one-third will be made in the number of new passenger cars available for rationing in February, when the quantity will amount to 2,000 cars on a national basis, or 1,000 less than in preceding months, OPA reports. The action will leave about 12,000 new cars in the nation’s stockpile.

Snacks Productive

Dicticians have discovered that between-meals snacks in factories increase production.

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