Town And Farm In War-Time

January 25, 1945

Transportation Tightens—

War Costs At New High

— Consumer Front

A Weekly News Digest prepared by Office of War Information News Bureau

War Expenditures At New High

Evidence of the demands of a vast war effort is the fact that in December, according to the Treasury Department and the War Production Board, war expenditures averaged $313,100,000 a day– a new high for the daily outlay. The daily rate last month was 14.8 per cent higher than in November.

Travel and The War Effort

An immediate nationwide response to justice Byrnes’ request for the wartime cessation of group meetings, conventions and trade shows is indicated by scores of voluntary cancellations, Col. J. Monroe Johnson, ODT. announced. “This,” he said, “indicates the widespread and genuine recognition of the fact that conventions and similar gatherings in wartime serilusly impede the war effort.”

The Office of Defense Transportation has ordered railroads to immediately discontinue all passenger train schedules which are operated for the purpose of providing seasonal service to any resort, recreational or vacation area. The ODT also announced that after March 1st, 1945, no railroad without permission from ODT can operate a passenger train schedule on which the occupancy of seats and space did not average 35 per cent during the month of November, 1944.

Storage Batteries

Truck, bus and passenger car operators are being urged by the Office of Defense Transportation to make weekly check-ups of their storage batteries. These batteries, the ODT said, “must be used and charged to be kept in operating condition and if merely left standing without charge they will deteriorate until they become useless. Moreover, undercharged batteries are liable to freeze during severe winter months.

Consumer Front Little Changed

The consumer front remained little changed with continued tight rationing controls by way of fairer distribution of limited wartime supplies. Most consumers recognize that 1945 will be a “tight” year for most commodities.

Retail prices on smoked pork loins and loin cuts have been cut by OPA by one to two cents a pound… Owing to the critical manpower situation in the Mansfield, Ohio, area, Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co., voluntarily stopped output of electric irons in its factory there (half of an authorized 157,00 irons had been completed)… Every town, every business district is asked by the Government to turn off advertising signs, dim illumination and use electricity sparingly to save coal for Winning the war.

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