Town And Farm In War-Time

June 28, 1945

Farm Loans For Returning Service Men–20,000 WAVES Needed

A Weekly News Digest prepared by Office of War Information News Bureau

Civilians At War

The Government needs and asks its citizens in the 186th week of thw war against Japan to:

1. Keep your family well-fed by using the many alternates for scarce foods. Careful planning will help you to serve healthy and attractive meals despite shortages.

Budget your wartime spending. Saving now helps hold prices down. Spending later will stimulate prosperity when war production ceases.

3. Back up the men who will bring victory over Japan by becoming a WAVE. 20,000 are needed for hospital and other assignments. Write WAVES, Washington 25, D.C., for information.

Farm Loans For Service Men

The Farm Security Administration has been authorized by Congress to lend $25,000,000 in the next 12 months to returning service men who want to buy family-size farms, and will start making these earmarked loans on July 2, through more than 2,000 count offices. Part of an additional $25,000,000, not restricted for the use of veterans, also may be used to make loans to discharged service men.

The loans, made under terms of the Bankhead-Jones Farm Tenant Act of 1937, can cover the full purchase price of a farm and allow up to 40 years for repayment. They bear interest at 3 percent on the unpaid balance. Applicants must find for themselves the farms they wish to purchase. Each farm is appraised, and a loan is made only when the purchase price is in line with the farm’s actual value, based on its long-range earning capacity.

Extra Gasoline rations for Service Men

Additional gasoline rations may now be obtained by service men having furloughs of more than 30 days, OPA Administrator Chester Bowles announced. “Furlough gasoline will still be issued at the rate of a gallon a day,” Mr. Bowles explained, “but the 30-gallon limit is being removed for the benefit of released American prisoners of war who get leave or temporary duty assignments for sixty days in this country, and for those members of our armed forces who return from overseas and get more than 30 days’ leave.

“Service men applying for furlough gasoline rations should follow these three easy rules: 1. Apply at any local War Price and Rationing Board; 2. Bring along the mileage rationing record for the car to be used; and 3. Be ready to show furlough papers.”

From Safety For Boys And Girls.

Many farm children have always worked on their home farms, but since Pearl Harbor, about a million city boys and girls under 18, inexperienced in farm work, have helped with the crops, says an OWT Fact Book on safety. Young workers, the Book points out, have been injured while operating farm machinery, handling farm animals, picking tree fruit, lifting heavy object, using ladders and cutting tools, through exposure to the sun and heat, and while being transported to and from work. Farm work, the Book continues, should be carefully assigned to these young people, and the lightest, safest jobs given to the younger children. All should be trained in safety and carefully supervised.

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