Town Election Tuesday, May 8

April 26, 1945

Local Ballot to Contain Names of 2 Candidates for Mayor, 8 for Council

Names of two candidates for Mayor and eight candidates for three seats on the town council will appear on the ballot May 8 when Sykesville voters go to the polls to elect officials to carry on the municipal  government.

For the first time in local history the candidates for council will include a woman. She is Miss Margaret Harris, one of the owners of a local department store, who was nominated and is being backed by a group of civic-kinded citizens in a progressive government to improve and clean up the town.

The candidates for Mayor are:
Harry L. Hesse
Leroy S. Keeney
Both Heese and Keeney are members of the present council who terms are about to expire. Two other men, Councilman Henry W. Clarke and former mayor Dr. H. B. Koerner, were nominated for the mayoralty but declined.

Candidates for Council

Candidates for the Council, from there three will be elected to serve for four years each were nominated as follows:
Earl Carter
Wilbur Wimmer
Frank Greenwood
John Mumford
Robert Allport
Allen Hobbs
E. C. Berry

Harry Weer was also nominated for the Council but later declined.

Theses candidates were named a citizens’ meeting held last Friday forming in the local Firemen’s Building. Called to order by Mayor R. K. Barnes, the meeting was aided by a representative if not a group if citizens. After a report of the town’s financial condition by Mark William Mason Jones, the nominations were received, with Fredrick Church serving as temporary chairman for John Wooden as secretary.

Three members of the present council remain in office for two more years. They are Henry W. Clarke, Oscar Hawkins, and Malcolm E. Burman.

Election Tuesday May 8

The election, it was announced, will be held in the Sykesville Building Association office on Tuesday, May 8, between 2 and 6 p.m. (more to come)



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