Town Officers are Elected

May 3, 1917

Town Officers Are Elected

New Administration Will Govern Town Affairs and Receive Support of Citizens

The annual town election was held on Tuesday for Mayor and six members of the Town Council. There was no contest for Mayor, the nominee, George Schrade, receiving 65 votes. The six Councilmen receiving the highest number of votes, and assuring them of election were:

Harry DeVries – 65

J. Brooks Mellor – 61

Robert L. Swain – 60

Irvin Buckingham – 56

Harry M. Phelps – 55

William Melville – 44

The unsuccessful  candidates were:

William Fairbank – 42

Dr. D. B. Sprecher – 34

Dr. J. Frank Lucas – 29

Marion Harris – 21

James Hughes – 12

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