Trustees’ Sale On Last Saturday

October 6, 1927

The Arcade Building, Hardware Building, etc., All Bring Good Prices

At the Trustee’s Sale, held on Saturday, October 1, the Arcade Building was purchased by Clarence R. Clarke, Sykesville’s progressive life insurance agent, for $10,775. This is a well built three-story brick building, and is occupied by the A. & P. Store, Mayor Irvin E. Buckingham, Dr. J. Fred Waesche, and the Herald Messenger; also two offices on the second floor, and a vacant store room on the first floor, formerly occupied by the post office. The third floor is used by the A. F. and A. M. for a lodge room.

The hardware store building and lumber and coal yard, now occupied by the Maryland Building & Supply Company, was bought by that concern for $16,700.

The Hammond Lot, containing two acres and ten perches, was bid in by Charles H. Sullivan for $500.

These sales have been largely attended, bringing in the monied men from the surrounding towns, and occasioned much spirited bidding.


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