Two Autos Stolen On Main Street

Time was when you could safely leave your car unlocked in Sykesville. But apparently that day is gone.

Twice, within a few days last week, automobiles parked on the town’s Main Street were stolen.

The first, a 1960 black Chevrolet, owned by Robert Pickett, was taken Tuesday at about 1 a.m., from in front of an apartment building at 55 Main Street.

The second, a 1965 blue Chevrolet Belair, was taken Thursday, at 11:30 a.m., from in front of 72 Main Street, when the owner, John Stem, left the car and keys for a few minutes to take a package of groceries into his home.

Police, in Howard County, and in Rockville, Montgomery County, later picked up Springfield Hospital patients believed responsible for the thefts. Both cars, however, were still missing early this week.

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