Wade H. D. Warfield for the State Senate

January 7, 1915

The most urgent solicitations coming to him to bring about his candidacy for the legislature

Gives Herald a manly statement

Will consider it his duty to his party to yield, if his candidacy will unite all elements of the democracy – His ideas of a divided responsibility

It is no news to people within the Herold’s parish since the Baltimore Sun gave the fact publicity a few days ago, that much pressure is being brought to bear upon Mr. Wade H. D. Warfield to induce that gentlemen to become a candidate for the state Senate from Carroll County on the Democratic ticket. The Herald has known for some time of the solicitation set up and come to Mr. Warfield from every section of Carroll County,

And while in a share the general desire to Sykesville’s foremost citizen might be induced to give the matter favorable consideration is a little hope that he might be persuaded to yield to the demand of this party and of the people. The Mr. Warfield is the Lord by them most earnest appeals, not only from Democrats before Republicans, to make the sacrifice from business activities so as to permit his entrance to the political arena is certain. That he is giving them out of the most serious thought he has now made manifest.

Forget us and in the Baltimore paper has aroused liveliest interest has brought to him the most flattering offers of support from every quarter, while the earnest appeals to them to become a candidate, have been multiplied. While he has always been active in politics as a loyal worker for the success of his party at all times, he is never committed himself to become a candidate for public office, preferring to expand his energies in his extensive business enterprises and his spare time is delightful home and among his horses and his cattle.

At this time, however, the question of is becoming a candidate for the Senate has been put up to him as a duty he goes to his party to the people of Carroll County. In order that the Herald might be able to give his exact attitude in the matter of representative corners office on Tuesday and asking for Frank’s statement. Of course no other kind of the statement can be expected from Amanda Mr. Warfield’s make up an candid way of doing and saying things. He readily comply. He said, in substance:

“it is a fact, as the world already knows the pictures been made to me to become a candidate for the Senate at first I did not find myself able to consider the matter seriously, but the solicitations of called me from many sources have been so persistent and so earnest, but I haven’t persuaded to yield to this extent: if my party wants me if I can be shown that like Tennessee will unite the various almonds of the party and bring about complete harmony of action, I should consider it my duty to make the sacrifice that would be necessary in my business affairs, and consent to become a candidate. On the other hand, if a more available Maccabee found, I am ready to give him my loyal support.

“I do not find it an easy matter to separate myself from my business activities even for the legislative period, but place all, a man owes something to the community in which he lives and will return unity xxxxx

“I have always held to high ideals of legislative service and duty and I shall still hold to them if I go to the legislature. Conditions in this State today are not reassuring.  xxx this that neither party is able to carry out a constructive policy xxx to its own ideas. Where the executive department is politically opposed to the legislative department, with a division of responsibilities which such a condition brings, the best results can never be achieved for the people. This is true in National affairs and it is true in State affairs. The house divided against itself cannot stand. Political responsibility so far as legislative and administrative policies are concerned, should be either all Republican or all Democratic. Present conditions mean give-and-take. It is unsatisfactory and the best interests of the people suffer.

“My own notion of affairs is that the people are tired of this condition and that they next election will show the Democratic party fully restored to power in Maryland. I believe we will elect the next Governor and Legislature, if no mistakes are made. The party through the men it puts forward and by its record most regain the full confidence of the people. We must pledge ourselves to reforms and to a wise economy in expenditures and in administrative affairs.

“The Democratic Legislatures have done well for Maryland in most matters and kept her pretty well abreast of the  most progressive States. They have given us much constructive legislation and opened the way for genuine reforms. The bill giving bosses rule to the counties and cities, the creation of the State Tax Commission, the equalization of tax values, the splendid and modern State road system, the material helps given to agricultural interests, the strengthening of our educational system and the improvements and advanced ideas in many of our State institutions – all these things have been commendable and worthy. But there is one flaw that I find in all this, it is costing too much to put these improvements and reforms in operation and to maintain them. the ‘overhead’ expenses are too high.

“What the State needs, is to rid itself of useless red tape and to set up a genuine business system, founded upon sound business principles, and under which the strictest economy, commensurate with real efficiency, can be practiced. Too many expenditures are no made in hap-hazard fashion. We must not burden the people with too much taxation. The people are patient and reasonable and do not object to reasonable increases in taxation so long as the burdens are equitable distributed and judicious economy is maintained in expending their money.

“I believe the responsibility for bringing about these desirable reforms naturally belongs to the Democratic party, because on a fair division of party strength Maryland is Democratic. Because of mistakes in the past we have a Republican in Governor’s chair, while the Legislature remains Democratic, certainly an undesirable situation. And here in Carroll County, for instance, Democratic for sixty years, and its affairs administered wisely and with reasonable economy and efficiency during all that time, we have a Republican in the Senate. A member of a minority party, no matter how high his ability or standing, does not amount to much in a legislative body, when it comes to real service for his constituents. Carroll County of right, is entitled to a Democratic member in the Senate. While I have no personal axes to grind and while I have no complaint to make against our republican friends, who have taken this position away from us, if my candidacy will again unite the party and restore it to its rightful place in the Senate, I will make the effort to win the victory.

“This question of divided responsibility comes right back to the County and the most desirable results can never be obtained for the people in this way.

“I am obliged to The herald for giving me to opportunity of stating my views and shall appreciate the courtesy, no matter whose candidacy it sees fit to espouse in the discharge of what it may consider its conscientious duty. You might add that I am deeply grateful for the many kind expressions that have come to me of late from friends in both parties. It really makes life worth living.

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