Water Line For Sykesville Seen Likely

March 24, 1955

Springfield Would Furnish Water For Fire Protection

In the very near future the Town of Sykesville, if present plans are carried out, will  have a water line for the purposes of fire protection. Such a line has long been sought by the town fathers and is of a vital need to the community. The proposed line would run from the southern-most fire hydrant on the Springfield Hospital grounds and would have its terminus in Sykesville near the B & O Railroad station.

At the various intersecting streets and roads there would be T’s installed for the purposes of additional fire lines in the future.

Mayor Earl Carter met last fall with the Board of Public Works of the State of Maryland and presented the plans for the Town. The Board referred it to the Department of Public Improvements, which Department has charge of all building projects for the State of Maryland. The Department of Public Improvements, of which the late Nathan L. Smith was Director, after consulting with the Department of Mental Hygiene, gave the final approval for the fire line from Springfield Hospital.

The town is indeed fortunate to be able to construct this fire line from the hospital. Dr. Robert Gardner, superintendent and Chief Robert Greenshields have been most cooperative with the town officials and most sympathetic to their cause.

While the line will serve for fire protection only, it is a step forward, as the town seeks to meet and cope with the problems of a growing community. Fire insurance rates would be reduced and, needless to say, this line would insure an adequate supply of water in the event of a catastrophe.

Mayor Carter has, along with the Council, labored diligently in securing this long-sought-after protection for the community.

At the Town Meeting which is scheduled for Tuesday evening, April 19, 1955 at 8 P.M., this entire proposition will be discussed and presented to the people.

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