Water System Nears Completion; Service May Start By August 1

June 27, 1968

Workers and equipment of the contractor, Richard F. Kline, Inc., Frederick, are nearing the completion of the Sykesville water project. Since early in March, the firm has been engaged in installing water mains and meters and fire hydrants within the town. The work has progressed smoothly and consensus of local opinion is that the contracting firm has been doing an excellent job.

At first, water for the Sykesville system will be obtained from Springfield State Hospital. Later the local supply is to be augmented by water from the Liberty reservoir, under terms of an agreement recently signed with Baltimore City. Eventually this area is to be supplied by the Piney Run Dam, now in the planning stage.

The Carroll County Sanitary  Commission has announced that it expects to begin placing the Sykesville water system in operation about August 1.

In a letter to local property owners, the sanitary group stated:

“All property served by the water mains must connect to the systems. All private wells must be capped and filled unless written permission is obtained from the Carroll County Health Department to use the well for uses other than potable water supply.

“There will be no charge for connection to the public water system to those structures existing prior to July 1, 1968 and providing further that connection is made within 3 months from notification by the Commission to do so. All buildings constructed after July 1, 1968 as well as all buildings connecting to the system after the expiration of the 3-month notification period shall be assesed a connection charge of not less than the Commission’s cost but in no case less than $150.00.

“Application for water service shall be made in duplicate upon the forms enclosed with this letter. Additional application forms are available at the Sanitary Commission office, 180 Willis Street, Westminster, Maryland 211757.

“Upon filling the application, you shall obtain an approved plumber who must contact the Carroll County Health Department, Phone No. 818-6900, prior to the start of work. The Carroll County Sanitary Commission has delegated responsibility for plumbing inspection to the Health Department in accordance with the laws of Carroll County.

“The Commission will establish front foot benefit charges and water rates when construction costs have been finalized. You will be notified of these charges at a later date.

“It is the desire of the Sanitary Commission to keep connection procedures as simple as possible and to provide water service at the lowest possible cost. Your cooperation in following the procedures outlined herein will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your patience and cooperation during our construction period.”

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