Weant Decision Supports Freedom Sanitary District

February 2, 1967

Public water and sewerage facilities, advocated for years by health authorites and inevitable in this rapidly developing portion of Carroll County, were a long step nearer to reality this week, though subject to possible further delay by opponents, following a ruling January 27 by Circuit Court Judge Edward O. Weant, Jr.

In an opinion supporting the former Board of County Commissioners and the Sanitary Commission, Judge Weant granted a motion for a summary judgment, ending lawsuits on the county level and clearing the way for authorities to proceed with plans for construction of water and sewerage facilities in the Freedom Sanitary Distric.

Opponents of the Sanitary District are considering an appeal to the Maryland Court of Appeals at Annapolis. They have 30 days in which to appeal the circuit court action. If such an appeal is filed, the much-delayed water and sewerage project would be further held up, because the county would be unable to sell bonds with which to finance the facilities so long as the case was pending in court.

One local observer expressed the view that a continuation of delaying tactics by opponents would result only in the people facing increased material and labor costs for the necessary improvements.

A federal agency much interested in the local court’s ruling is the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) which has approved a grant of $788,500 for water facilities in the Freedom District.

Judge Weant, in his opinion, said he could find nothing to substantiate the charge that the Freedom Sanitary District was formed improperly.

He also ruled that the town of Sykesville is, and has been for many years, a part of the Freedom or 5th Election District of Carroll County, and is part of the recently created Freedom Sanitary District.

Judge Weant ruled that a public hearing held by the County Commissioners last July in the Sykesville Hight School was informative and fulfilled the legislative intent. He held it was not necessary for such a hearing to be of the formal court trials nature sought by opponents of the Sanitary District.

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