Welfare Board Hears Judge Waxter, Honors Two 25-Year Staff Members

January 19, 1961

On Friday night, January 6, the Carroll County Welfare Board and staff met with the officials of the county to hear Judge Thomas J. S. Waxter present the State program of welfare and to honor two employees who have been with the Board for twenty-five years.

Bryan McIntire, chairman of the Welfare Board, opened the meeting with a welcome to the members and introduced the Director of the local Welfare Board, John Q. Isaac. Mr. Isaac introduced the first Worker-in-Charge of the Carroll County Welfare Board, Mrs. Carroll Hess, who discussed some of the early workings of the Welfare Board in 1936. Mr. Isaac recounted twenty-five years of service to the community by the Welfare Board and pointed out the changes in services through which the Welfare Board has progressed. Whereas the Welfare Board in the 1930′s used to give Public Assistance and certify people for C. C. C. camps and W. P. A. projects, the program now consists of an elaborate children’s program which has responsibility for 72 children in the community. Mr. Isaac called for cooperation amongst community agencies, the Welfare Board being one of these, to better the services for children. He pointed out that the services of the Welfare Board in the next 25 years will be as adequate and as good as the community wants it to be.

One of the important parts of any Welfare Board, Mr. Issac continued, is the staff. The local Board is now fully staffed and two of the members have been on the staff for 25 years each. They are: Miss Emmaline Witter, finance officer, and Miss Elinor Egaugh, case worker. Each was presented a certificate and badge by State Director Thomas J. S. Waxter. In addition, each was presented a gift from the local Board by Mr. Mcintire, who thanked them for their long period of service to the Welfare Board and to the community.

Director Waxter discussed the programs of the State Welfare Department for this legislative session. The main request of the Department from the Legislative body is for funds to allow the Welfare Board to give adequate food allowances to the recipients of Public Assistance. He pointed out that we are now giving $25 a month to a person for food and a lot of our people receive under

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