West Friendship Woman Heads Howard County Children’s Aid

February 11, 1960

It is becoming popular for Howard County teen-agers to be considered good students, heard members and guests of the Howard County Children’s Aid Society were told January 27 at the annual meeting held at St. John’s Church.

Mrs. Mary R. Hovel, supervisor of Howard County high schools, said that ten years ago, a reputation for the scholarship among one’s classmates was likely to invite scorn but “now it has become the popular thing to be the smart kid.” She said that children who have the best achievement record in school are usually those “who don’t have a minute to spare” because of their interest in extracurricular activities such as Scouting, dancing classes, church meetings, etc.

The Community Chest agency reported that it had supervised 31 children in the county last year, received 121 requests for service, made 881 visits and conducted 301 office interviews. The agency is supported through contributions made to the Community Chest Red Cross United Appeal and by a grant from the Howard County Commissioners.

Officers elected at the meeting were Mrs. James Regan, Jr., West Friendship, president; Mrs. Arthur I. Shreve, Woodstock, first vice president; the E. Albert Rich, sector of St. John’s second vice president; Mrs. Thomas A. Hays Elkridge, recording secretary; Mrs. Daniel M. Murray, Jr., Eldridge, corresponding secretary; Col. Arthur L. Shreve, treasurer, and Harry T. Merphy, Elkridge and Mrs. Richard Talbott, Ellicott City, assistant treasurers.

Miss Barbara D. Masten, Director of the Society told the board that new quarters and a secretary bookkeeper are badly needed to allow the agency to continue to serve Howard County families. The agency provides adoption service, short term foster care and seeks to protect children from neglect and abuse thorugh its protective service.

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