Winfield Pupils Visit New York

April 14, 1960

On Saturday, April 9, ten students of the Winfield Elementary School went to New York City, via the Pennsylvania Railroad, on a tour sponsored by the Maryland Academy of Science.

With three hundred Marylanders, the local group visited the American Museum of Natural History and the Haden Planetarium. The trip through the planetarium featured a lecture and show entitled “The Festival of Spring” which depicted the scientific and religious aspects of the comng Spring and the Easter celebration.

Several hours were spent in touring the museum where dinosaur fossils, meteorites, shrunken heads, the United States’ largest diamond, whale models, and numerous exhibits of educational value delighted and enlightened the students.

After leaving the museum, the group went on a bus tour of some of New York’s famous spots: St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Macy’s, The United Nations’ Building, Rockefeller Center, the Empire State Building, Central Park, and others.

Dinner, eaten in a mid-town Manhattan restaurant, ended the tour, and the group returned to the station for the trip home.

Those taking the trip were: Zoland Z. Zile, III, Hobart Muller, Donald Duncan, William Schafer, III, Jerry Nicholson, sixth graders: Stanley Moore, Richard Legore, David Athey, Gary Kelly, fifth graders: Bryan Walts, fourth grader.

Two teachers of Winfield School accompanied the pupils – Miss Erma King and Mrs. Miriam Beck.

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