With Those In The Service: April 26, 1945

April 26, 1945

Military Miscellany

From the Persian Gulf Command in far-away Teheran, Iran, comes an army press release stating that Technician Third Grade Delton c. Glass, of Sykesville, is assigned to the 3556th Ordnance MAM Company at Truck Assembly Plant II in Khorramsbahr, Iran. The U. S. Army there is preparing to close its last and largest plant, after assembling nearly 200,000 trucks in less than two years, for Soviet Russia.

Bullets from three German snipers all but put Lt. Kenneth E. Burdette, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Burdette, Mt. Airy, out of action on March 29. The young infantry officer and his company were advancing against a strong-point in a German village when the snipers got his range. One bullet struck the back of his steel helmet and creased his scalp, another shot hit carbine right out of his hand and the third went through his arm.

Sailor Lee Forthman writes from the Pacific that now it can b told that the battleship on which he is stationed was with the fleet units that recently bombed Tokyo. Despite the Jap suicide pilots, Lee says the U. S. Fleet has been rather cocky lately, going right into the Nips’ home waters and “letting ‘em have it.”

Soldier Items

Pvt. Otis Harding, stationed in England for about two years, is now in Germany.

S. 1-c Bernard Coo, aviation electrician, returned to Norfolk, Va., on Wednesday after a week’s furlough at his home in Sykesville.

Mrs. Emily steward received an interesting collection of souvenirs the other day from her husband, Pfc. James Steward, with the Ninth Army in Germany. They included coins, currency, insignia from a German officer’s cap, swastikas, etc.

Pvt. Donald E. Beck returned to Fort McClellan, Alabama, today  (Thursday) where he will take a five weeks’ preparatory training course for Officers’ Candidate School, later going to Ft. Benning, Ga. Only 10 out of 800 men were selected for O.C.S.

S. Sgt. John Wesley Duvall, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Duvall, Eldersburg, is serving with Gen. Patton’s tank-riding infantrymen in Germany.

Two Brothers Are “Chiefs”

Ellsworth A. Shipley formerly of Gaither, has just been promoted to Chief Petty Officer (chief carpenter’s mate) in teh U. S. Navy. He is serving his country some where in the South Pacific. His mother Mrs. Ada A. Shipley of Gaither, received a letter from him informing her of his promotion, while visiting his wife Mrs. Nellie Shipley and their small son, Charles Albert, at their home in Wyoming, Delaware. Mrs. Shipley also has one other son, Harvey E. Shipley U.S.N., who has been Chief Petty Officer (chief machinist’s mate) since 1943. He also is some where in the Pacific. He and his wife recently moved from their home in Norfolk, Va., to Long Beach, Calif. The brothers attended the Sykesville High School. Anyone desiring to correspond with either of them may obtain their addresses at the Herald office.

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