With Those In The Service: August 23, 1945

August 23, 1945

Maryland In U.S. Navy

Maryland is represented by 24 vessels in the United States Navy named after places in this State.

Heading the list, of course, is the battleship MARYLAND, veteran of the Pearl Harbor attack, which licked its wounds and returned to the fight that ultimately forced Japan to sue for peace.

Then there is the heavy cruiser, BALTIMORE, commissioned in 1943; the aircraft carrier, ANTIETAM, named after a Civil War battle, and the frigate ANNAPOLIS.

The remaining ships–transports, attack transports, oilers and cargo ships–are named after Maryland counties, rivers and islands.

Military Miscellany

Machinist’s Mate 2-c Lee O. Warfield, of the Seabees, the construction arm of the U.S. Navy, has completed his basic training and is home on furlough.

Pfc. and Mrs. William E. Hungerford returned home Sunday from a week’s trip to Niagara Falls. Pfc. Hungerford, who has been on a 32-day furlough, is to report Friday to Fort Meade.

His basic training at Camp Lee, Ba., completed, Pvt. Raymond L. Pickett is now stationed at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds.

Pfc. Darrell Richardson, home form Italy, where he served with the 10th Mountain Division, the U.S. Army Infantry outfit that fought on skis, is enjoying a 30-day furlough. His brother, Pvt. Donald Richardson, formerly stationed at Sheppard Field, Texas, reported to Esler Field, Louisiana, after a 10-day furlough.

Harry Etzler In States

S. Sgt. Harry W. Etzler, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Etzler, near Eldersburg, is back in the States after nearly three years of overseas duty. He served with the 95th Squadron of the 14th Air Force in Italy, Sardinia, Corsica, and France. Having a little difficulty with his eyes, though nothing serious, Harry is now receiving treatment at Mason General Hospital, Long Island, N. Y. His parents visited him there last weekend, said he looked fine, weighing 180 pounds. He has 99 points to his credit and expects to be discharged from the service when he leaves the hospital. His younger brother, S. Sgt. George Etzler, a radio-gunner with the 5th Air Force in the South Pacific, was honorably discharged in July a year ago.

Expert Infantryman

Pvt. Harry J. Schafer, Jr., has been awarded the Expert Infantryman Badge after completing a rigorous course of training in the Infantry Replacement Training Center, Camp Blanding, Fla.

Award of this badge which calls for additional compensation above base pay, means that Pvt. Schafer is an expert in the use of several of the Infantry’s weapons and has done a more than satisfactory job of learning the other military skills required of a Doughboy.

He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Schafer, near Marriottsville, and entered the service in April of this year.

Lt. Norris In New Caledonia

WITH U.S. ARMY FORCES IN NEW CALEDONIA–The Meritorious Service Unit Plaque has been awarded to Company A. 3119th Signal Service Battalion, of which First Lieutenant Louis G. Norris is a member. Lt. Norris is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Norris of Sykesville, Md.

Cited for “superior performances of duty and the achievement and maintenance of a high standard of military and professional proficiency,” the unit received the award from Maj. Gen. Maxwell J. Murray, South Pacific Base Commander.

During three years overseas service at this French-owned island of New Caledonia, his unit has installed and maintained Signal equipment for Army units stationed at this important supply base.

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