With Those In The Service: August 24, 1944

August 24, 1944

Home From The War

Major Thomas Hutchins, husband of the former Miss Elizabeth Harris, who has served with the Army Medical Corps overseas for 2 1/2 years, has arrived in California from Australia and is expected home of furlough soon.

Fresh from some of the current fighting in the islands of the Pacific, Marine Pfc. Robert Mullinix, son of Mrs. Nettie Mullinix, of Sykesville, arrived this week for a 21-day furlough.

S. 1-c Bennett M. Gates who has been serving with the Navy in the South Pacific, is enjoying a two-week furlough at his home in Marriottsville. On his return, he plans to fly to the West Coast.

Cpl. Kenneth Latimer, who has been spending a month with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Latimer, will return to New York for duty on September 1. Cpl. Latimer was one of the marines of the First Division, who landed in San Diego in July after 26 months combat duty.

Military Miscellany

“The Captain is keeping well and enjoying his work. He left New Guinea in early Mary and until recently was leaching in Hawaii. He is now further West.” So writes Mrs. J. R. Jensen, who has returned in 2303 Sulgrave Ave., Baltimore, 9, Md.

A letter received from Cpl. Reginald Arrington, of the U. S. Marine Corps, states that he is well and now stationed at Guam.

John Caswell, a graduate of Sykesville High, now serving in the Merchant Marine, is spending a few days in the vicinity of Sykesville, after a trip overseas.

Sgt. Therman Bailey, Camp Maxey, Texas, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Bailey, of Sykesville, is home on a 17-day furlough.

Transferred from Bainbridge to Norfolk for further schooling has been Marvin Lee Forthman, F. 1-c, L. S. T. Induction Group, Camp Bradford, Norfolk, H, Va.

Sgt. Raymond Duvall, of Eglin Field. Fla., is spending a furlough at his home in Gaither.

Pvt. Appleby Killed

Pvt. Leonard Appleby, 34, whose home was at Knollwood, Howard county, died of wounds sustained on an undiscovered war front, according to a War Department notification to his wife, now living at Dayton in a house they had recently purchased. At one time Mr. and Mrs. Appleby worked at Springfield Hospital, and made their home in Sykesville. He had been in the service for abut a year and was a brother of Clarence Appleby, of Gaither, He is also survived by two sisters.

Strawbridge Boys

Pvt. James W. Johnson, of the 20th Infantry Division, was wounded in the fighting in Normandy and has been recuperating in a hospital in England.

Russell Harr has been promoted to sergeant in the Marines. He is with the first detachment of Marines to be assigned to the new airfield at Engle Mountain Lake, Texas. Russell is expecting a furlough late in September.

Pfc. Donald Miller is with the Army Signal Corps in England.

Pvt. Clarence Hamilton, who saw action on Guadalcanal, where he contracted malaria, has received a medical discharge from the Army. He visited Strawbridge Home three weeks ago and is now living with a brother in Baltimore.

Pvt. Edwin Carneal, is with an Engineers’ Utility Detail, Camp Sutton, N. C.

Two Strawbridge boys, Petty Officer 3-c Pennell Jester and Fireman 1-c John James Monaghan, Jr., are serving with Uncle Sam’s Navy in the Pacific.

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