With Those In The Service: August 31, 1944

August 31, 1944

Military Miscellany

In a recent letter to his mother, Pvt. George Obrecht wishes to say “Hello” to his friends and states that he is well. He has been in France since sometime in July. His address can be obtained at the Herald office.

Pfc. Wallace V. Brown has returned to Camp Stewart, Ga., after a 15-day furlough. His wife returned with him and is residing at Jessup, Ga.

Pvt. Charles E. Piehler, Camp Polk, La., son of Mrs. George Eaton, Sykesville, is home on furlough. He has been in the Army for nearly two years.

The address of Pvt. Stanley M. Ridgely, 33891428, is now: 3507 Base Unit, S.F.A.A.F., T.S., Section O. Brcks, 835, Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

From somewhere in England greetings are sent by Petty Officer Harvey Lee Condon, Woodbine, who enlisted in the Navy two years ago. He has spent the last two Christmas days away from home buy is hoping to home this Christmas and find as old-fashioned snow.

Soldier Items

Inducted into the Army two weeks ago, Pvt. Stanley G. Parks, Jr., has been assigned to Camp Wheeler, Ga.

Pfc. A. Cecil Poole, former Buick distributor at Lisbon, is now with the U. S. Army on the island of Guam, in the far Pacific.

Cpl. John Duvall, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Duvall, Eldersburg, is home on furlough from Camp Van Dorn, Miss.

Pvt. Ross Hornbaker, who has been on furlough after 2 1/2 years in the South Pacific, leaves Friday to return to Army life at Miami, Fla.

Norman W. Dixon, Mo. M. M. 1-c, of the Navy, stationed at Alameda, Calif., is home on furlough.

What They Want for Christmas

Service men and women overseas have decided what they want for Christmas.

Soldiers in all theatres would like money orders and wallets, pipes and tobacco, razor blades and small shaving kits, pocket-sized books and photographs in waterproof folders, cigarettes and cigars, automatic pencils, stationary, games, cards, puzzles, hard candy, soap, dried fruit, vacuum-packed nuts and wrist watches, the Office of War information reports.

Sailors everywhere want pocket-sized dictionaries, novels, mysteries, Westerns and humor–but no war stories; sneakers for showers and moccasin-type bedroom slippers; pocket knives with attachments; Bibles, alarm clocks, playing cards, poker chips, insect repellents, small… (next part missing)

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