With Those In The Service: December 16, 1943

December 16, 1943

Civilians Asked To Stay Off Trains, Buses Over Holidays

Civilians are urgently requested by the Office of Defense Transportation to give up all pleasure trips on trains or intercity buses from December 17 through January 10. Joseph B. Eastman, ODT director, requested civilians to defer even necessary travel, wherever possible until after January 10. Because of supply limitations, few extra trains can be operated over the holidays. Unless civilians stay home, accommodations for furlough and essential war business travel cannot be assured. Despite shortages of workers, the public transportation industries are successfully carrying more passengers and more freight than ever before. However, the transportation manpower problem is now becoming serious, especially in maintenance and repairs.

Military Miscellany

James P. Paul, S. 2-c., on one of the Navy’s fast P.T. boats, returned to the Panama Canal Zone on Monday, after a two-week furlough at the home of his dad, Rev. G.W. Paul. It was his first visit home in eight years. With Rev. and Mrs. Paul, he spent Saturday and Sunday with Col. F.K. Paul, in charge of the Middletown (Pa.) Air Depot, who has just been ordered overseas. The local minister has five sons and one daughter in the service.

Corp. Richard Chipley left Tuesday night for his station in Florida following a 15-day furlough here. Tired of electrical and office work, Richard is going in for a bombardier in the Army Air Forces.

While his ship is being refueled and checked over, S. 1-c William E. Cutsail is spending a 7-day leaves with his grandmother at Gaither and his mother in Washington. He just returned from Africa, South America and Panama, and describes the sunrise and sunset on the calm Mediterranean seas as the most beautiful sights he has ever seen. His address: Wm. E. Cutsail, S. 1-c., USNR, USS Geo. W. Ingram, D.E. 62, Fleet Postmaster, New York, N.Y.

Sgt. Vivian E. Leatherwood, formerly stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington, is now serving overseas in the Pacific area. Mail should be addressed to him at: ASN 33375663, Co. D., 474th Q.M. (trk.) Regt., APO 9151, Postmaster, San Francisco, Calif.

His duties include chauffeuring for the General, coaching on the shooting range and working in the Intelligence office, writes home Pvt. Wallace V. Brown. ASN 33726993, Hq. Btry., 66th AAA Brigade, Camp Stewart, Ga. He left for the Army in June.

Pvt. Wm. H. (Mickey) Ridgely, of Rhodes General Hospital, Utica, N.Y., arrived home Sunday for a 10-day furlough.

Overseas for more than a year, T. Sgt. Samuel T. Slack is stationed at a hospital in that far-away land (Iran, formerly Persia) where the United Nations’ “big three” – Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin – recently held their historic conference. His address: ASN 33063985, 19th Station Hospital, A1-O 523, Postmaster, New York, N.Y.

Pfc. Leonard Hipsley has been home this week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Marion Hipsley. He leaves Sunday for a desert training center in California.

Soldier’s Addresses

Pfc. James R. Barr, ASN 884322, Inf. Bn., M.B. 406 C & B, Camp LeJeune, Hadnot Pt., New River, N.C.

Corp. Raymond L. Arrington, 477th Service Squadron, Army Air Base, Ephrata, Washington.

M. Sgt. Gibert Gardner, Hq. APO 94, Postmaster, Nashville, Tenn.

Pfc. Wade Thompson, Jr., Med. Attachment, Station Hospital, Randolph Field, Texas.

Lt. Col. Henry F. Buettner, M.C., Station Hospital, Fort Benning, Ga.

Pfc. L.M. Wilson, ASN 33548243, 1127 M.P. Co. (Avn.), APO 503, Postmaster, San Francisco, Calif.

Andrew Rehbein, V-12 Unit, Bowling Green State College, Bowling Green, Ohio.

Pvt. Ross C. Hornbaker, ASN 33130126, Btry. B. 238th AAA, S.L. Bn., APO 503, Postmaster, San Francisco, Calif.

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