With Those In The Service: December 27, 1945

December 27, 1945

Military Miscellany

Capt. J.R. Jensen, who has been serving in the Army Medical Corps for more than three years and much of that time overseas, timed his V-Mail holiday greetings well. They arrived in Sykesville (at least, we received ours then) at 4 p.m. Christmas eve. And the doctor, who left a general practice here in August 1942 when Uncle Sam called is now stationed in Yohohama, Japan, some 7,500 miles from Sykesville.

Three of the children of Capt. and Mrs. H.C. Jefferson, Sykesville, were home from the service for the holidays — Lt. Grace M. Jefferson, WAVES, who had been at Pearl Harbor 10 months and arrived home Christmas eve; S. 1-c Elsie M. Jefferson, of the SPARS, and Donald M. Jefferson, Maritime Service, Philadelphia.

After a brief try at civilian life, recently discharged Phillip S. Lee decided he liked the Army better and re-enlisted for three years.

Lt. Slack Out

With his wife, the former Mayrene Hallmark of Abilene, Texas, Lt. Samuel T. Slack arrived from Camp Gordon, Georgia, in time for Christmas with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Slack. Lt. Slack was released December 18 after 3 1/2 years in the Army. For 18 months he served overseas as an enlisted man, winning his commission after returning to the States. Samuel’s younger, if not smaller brother, Cpl. John Slack, is also home, having drawn a 90-day furlough in October when he re-enlisted for one year. John entered the Army in March 1943. A third brother, George, served his country no less importantly by working long and hard helping his dad keep the farm from going throughout the critical war years.

Veterans Discharged

Jack Dryden has been discharged from the naval service at Bainbridge and is back with his family in Baltimore. He served in the Pacific for nearly three years.

Arnold Vincent Marriner, SOM 2-c, and George Milton Green, FC 2-c, both of Sykesville have been discharged at the naval separation center at Bainbridge.

After a two year stretch in the Navy that included 16 months of submarine duty in the South Pacific, Electrician’s Mate 3-c O. Vincent Oursler, Marriottsville, is home on leave. He expects to be discharged early in January.

To Represent Draft Boards

To represent Maryland draft board personnel at the White House in Washington on January 21 when President Truman makes the initial award of the Congressional Medal of Merit provided for uncompensated members of the Selective Service System. Governor O’Conor has drawn the name of Anthony V. Rettaliata, member of Baltimore City Local Board No. 13. Three alternates were drawn as follows: (1) Joseph Finkel, Baltimore Local Board 19; (2) Augustus R. Selby, Montgomery county Local Board 1; and (3) Bernard Dembeck, Baltimore Local Board 1.

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