With Those In The Service: December 30, 1943

December 30, 1943

A Prayer For Warring Men

(News Item – Governor O’Conor proclaimed January 1 and 2 as Days of Prayer in Maryland for members of our Armed Forces)

My heart goes out to warring men
For many, many reasons;
They face the fire of hells man-made,
Of time and changing seasons.

They face the challenge wild seas bring,
Brave violence in sky, on land
Though wave-drenched cries within them ring,
Longing for a loved one’s hand.

My prayer goes out for warring men
Through time and space and dreams;
God, lift their hearts above earth’s fear,
Keep the faith till Victory gleams.

And from the shadows to the dawn,
In a faith unbroken here,
Grant homeland fires shall burn with pride,
Mending world wounds with its cheer.

Helen M. de Lashmutt

Military Miscellany

Pfc. Wilbur E. Shipley, first gunner on an army glider, writes to his mother, Mrs. Tolly Shipley, that he likes the life. The local lad says he was just aloft for 2 ½ hours in one of the big motorless ships that are capable of carrying a jeep, 16 men and full equipment. His address: ASN 33722340, Hq. Co., 1st Bn., 193rd Glider Inb., 17th Air Borne Division, APO 452, Camp Mackall, N.C.

Lt. (j.g.) Karl B. Justus, a chaplain aboard a transport in the Pacific recently spent 13 days in “civilization” at a port in the South Pacific, according to a letter written a week or so before Christmas. While entering a store in this unnamed port town, Chaplain Justus met another Sykesvillian, Soldier Charles “Buddy” Thompson, to the joyful surprise of both.

Wearing the newly –acquired stripes of a corporal, Vernon (Bill) Bennett, of the army medical corps, stationed at a hospital in Pennsylvania, was home for the holidays.

George Green of the Navy spent a few days recently at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Green, Oakland.

Service men home for Christmas included Vincent Marriner, John Monoghan, Richard Gardner, Branch Warfield, Donald Clarke, William Tomlinson.

John Ward Williams, of Sykesville, recently graduated from the Naval Aviation Machinist’s Mate School at Jacksonville, Fla., as an honor student. Finishing with an average of 85.12, he was promoted to third class petty officer in the U.S. Navy. Williams, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Williams, Liberty road, entered the service Feb. 15, 1943 and received his recruit training at Bainbridge, Md. He is now a qualified aviation mechanic and will probably see service with a naval air unit.

Lt. R.K. Barnes writes home that he has just had two welcome visitors – the first Sykesville Herald since he was sent overseas recently and Marine Pfc. Roland “Sonny” Lyons, whom he met in the Hawiian Islands.

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