With Those In The Service: December 6, 1945

December 6, 1945

Homeward Bound

PEARL HARBOR, T. H. — S. Sgt. Vivian Leatherwood, of Rt. 1, Sykesville, Md., is on his way home.

Leatherwood is one of 1,100 high-point Army veterans whom the “Magic Carpet” is bringing back to the States aboard the U.S.S. Tripole.

The U.S.S. Tripole — one of more than 250 carriers, battleships, cruisers, and attack transports in the Navy’s famed “Magic Carpet” fleet — left Pearl Harbor, Thursday, November 29, and is scheduled to arrive in San Pedro about Wednesday, December 5.

Passengers will go directly to the Separation Centers nearest their homes to complete the formalities of obtaining their discharges before returning to civilian life.

Chief Engineer

Donald M. Jefferson, of Raincliffe Farm, passed the Marine Inspection Examination for Chief Engineer during October, being the youngest to do so from the Baltimore area. He was an Engineer Cadet and graduated from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at King’s Point in 1943. As a Cadet and then in the various Engineer grades, he was on freight ships and most of the time on oil tankers carrying high octane gas to Great Britain, Belgium, the Mediterranean and West Africa. He was with the Armada of ships that carried the invasion into North Africa and was on the first freight ship to enter Oran during that invasion. He is now at sea serving as Chief Engineer on the Turbo-Electric Tanker “Wagonmount.”

Military Miscellany

Formal certificates of appreciation and honorable discharge to former members of the Reverse Militia of Maryland, otherwise, known as the Maryland Minute Men, are now being prepared in the State’s Military Department, Governor O’Conor announced this week. Between 16,000 and 18,000 men served with the Maryland Minute Men, the first organization of its kind in the country.

George G. Leakins is getting along nicely after an operation performed November 15, and he expects to be home by Christmas.

Recently commissioned Lt. Donald Beck, who was stationed at Little Rock, Ark., has been transferred to Camp Pickett, Va., for special training.

When his duties as Supreme Allied Commander in Japan ease up and he is permitted to return to the United States, General Douglas MacArthur will visit Maryland, where he once resided and served as Commanding Officer of the then Third Corps Area of the Army. The General so advised Governor O’Conor in response to an invitation from the Maryland chief executive.

Veterans Discharged

Pvt. Frederick W. Will was discharged from the Army on December 3, 1945, after 3 1/2 years of service, having been inducted in July, 1942. Overseas for most of that time, he served in the Middle Eastern and European thealres. He was awarded to Good Conduct medal, and his European service ribbon contains two battle stars.

Three more Sykesville Navy men have returned home, having been honorably discharged — Norman W. Dixon, M. O. M. M. I-c; Sherman O. Linton, C. M. 1-c, and S. Eugene Morris, A. O. 2-c.

Specialist “Q” Helen Louise Davis, of the WAVES, who reported for duty June 1, 1943, and was last assigned to Communications, Navy Department, Washington, D.C., received her discharge on November 30. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Davis, Woodbine.


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