With Those In The Service: December 9, 1943

December 9, 1943

Military Miscellany

Claude W. McDaniel is back at his old job as a lineman with the M.F. Arrington Construction Company, having been honorably discharged after 1 ½ years’ service in the Army. McDaniel, who military record was officially classed as “excellent,” saw action in the European African Middle Eastern campaign. He entered the Army May 26, 1942, and was discharged Nov. 27, 1943 with the grade of corporal.

When the curtain rung down on the London premiere of “This is The Army” on November 10, members of the Royal family – King George, Queen Elizabeth and their two daughters – went back stage to meet the cast. Pvt. Elwood Hawkins, Sykesville barytone, is a member of this American army show produced by Irving Berlin.

“In the near future,” writes Mrs. J.R. Jensen on a brief stay in Chicago, “I will send you news of the captain.” She asks that her mail be sent to her brother’s address in Baltimore – 1805 Chilton Street.

Because Uncle Sam now considers a man trained in farm work more valuable to the nation as a farmer than as a soldier, Pfc. George W. Schafer is back home helping to operate his father’s farm near Marriottsville. Bill served for 21 months in the Army and for the past four months was a radio instructor in the Army Air Corps Technical School, Madison, Wisconsin. The day before he was honorably discharged on November 30, Bill qualified to go to Yale University for four months and a try at a commission. While he would have liked very much to have gotten his bars as a second lieutenant, Bill says he is glad to be back home.

“I guess it’s wintertime at Gaither – it is here in Italy,” writes home Sgt. Edwin H. Beall, ASN 33154604; Co. C., 57th Signal Bn., APO 306, Postmaster, New York, N.Y.

S. 2-c Ellis M. Tydings, of Marriottsville, has completed his basic training at the Sampson Naval Station on the shores of Seneca Lake in New York State, and has been home on leave. Upon his return to Sampson, he will be eligible for further assignment which may qualify him for a petty officer rating.

In January, Sgt. Seth Howes, with a medical detachment in India, will have served in that far-off land for one year. His address: ASN 3300559, Med. Det., 20th Gen. Hosp., APO 689, Postmaster, New York, N.Y.

Pfc. Marvin S. Trott, Co. A, 268 Engr. Combat Bn., Camp Breckenridge, Kentucky, is spending a 10-day furlough at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Norwood Trott, near Oakland.

Pfc. Raymond S. Duvall, ASN 33557025, 15th T.S.S., Brks. 402, Chanute Field, Ill. whose dad, William S. Duvall, was one of the first in the community to enlist for service in World War I, arrived home Sunday on a 13-day furlough.

S. 2-c Boyd Cummings Metcalf, Jr., of the Naval Training Station at Bainbridge, Md., spent the weekend with his parents, near Eldersburg.

Pvt. Emory E. Hare has arrived in Italy from Africa and wants to know how things are going back in the old town. His address: ASN 33565483, 56th Q.M. Truck B.n., Co. C., APO 464, Postmaster, New York, N.Y.

Soldier’s Addresses

Pfc. Richard Leatherwood, ASN 33561916, Army Air Forces, APO 12557-C, Postmaster, New York, N.Y.

Pvt. Arthur W. Stem, Jr., ASN 33561926, APO 4080-A, Postmaster, Seattle, Washington.

J.W. Sueta, S.F. 3-c, Brcks. 25 lower, Navy 103, Fleet P.O., New York, N.Y.

H. Branch Warfield, A.S., Co. B., USNR, Navy V-12 Unit, Mt. St. Mary’s College, Emmitsburg, Md.

George W. Rehbein, Naval Air Station, Box 1358, Pearl Harbor, T.H.

Sgt. John E. Baker, 843 Signal Service Bn., APO 722, Postmaster, Seattle, Washington.

Milton H. Brandenburg, S. 2-c, 137th Battalion, Personnel Depot, Advanced Base, Gulfport, Miss.

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